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Friday, 18 March 2011 12:10

Real estate agents needed despite Web

Written by  Administrator
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Even though the World Wide Web is becoming an increasingly useful tool for real Glossary Link estate buyers and sellers, the majority of online Glossary Link survey participants admit real estate agents are still needed.

Last week, Memphis Business Journal asked its online readers how important real estate agents are compared to 10 years ago. Of the 334 respondents, 34 percent said they were crucial and 31 percent said they're critical for the negotiations and paperwork. However, 25 percent think real estate agents are not as necessary compared to a decade ago thanks to the Web. 10 percent said they didn't need them before or today.

Many readers left comments on MBJ's Web site. Those who think real estate agents are still valuable in the age of Internet say:

  • "Although we have much more information at our fingertips, we still need them and their experience."
  • "Real estate agents are even more important than before. The comment that they are not as necessary because of the Web is simply not true. The Web is certainly a great marketing and research tool, but has the Web made doctors irrelevant because of WebMD? I don't think so."
  • "Creative, hard working real estate agents are very helpful in consummating commercial transactions."
  • "I wouldn't think of buying or selling a home without one."

Those who can do without real estate agents say:

  • "Buying a property should be no more complicated than buying a vehicle or a pair of shoes."
  • "I am annoyed at having to pay 6 percent to 7 percent. They are helpful in negotiations and for paperwork but not five figures of help."


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