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18 Mar 2001

Documents required to apply for a rental

<P>To apply for a rental, bring as many as possible of the following:</P>
<P>1. Letter of Employment (on company letterhead stating length of employment and current annual earnings).</P>
<P>2. Two recent pay stubs.</P>
<P>3. Most recent bank statement.</P>
<P>4. Photo ID (Valid griver's license, passport, or green card).</P>
<P>5. Social Security Card.</P>
<P>6. W-2s or/and Tax Returns (1st two pages) from the previous year.</P>
<P>7. Cancelled rent checks or past rent bills paid.</P>
<P>1 Latest 1040 &amp; W-2 or 1099.</P>
<P>2. Accountant's letter stating annual Salary.</P>
<P mce_keep="true">&nbsp;</P>
<P>&nbsp;Copies of the above will be maintained for owner's records.</P>
<P align=justify>An application fee of $50 is necessary to process, which includes applicant Glossary Link credit search. $500 Glossary Link deposit required.&nbsp; Cash, Certified Checks, or Money Orders must be made out to: A.N. SHELL REALTY, LLC.&nbsp; If applicant is approved, a 15% Glossary Link commission is due to the brokerage company upon signing the Glossary Link lease.</P>
<ADDRESS>&nbsp;Note that these are general requirements. Some management companies have different requirements. Fees may vary and are subject to change. We will disclose all information relevant to your application process. <BR></ADDRESS>
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